Hump Day Files: Sex Is Not a Gift on Valentine’s Day

Couple kissing and drinking on the bed in bedroomSome people are stuck in doors because of the bad weather; others are forced to face the cold breeze. One thing on everyone’s mind is Valentine’s Day coming up. Whether you are single or a couple, Friday is not a day we can ignore. For those of you in new relationships, you may wonder if you should take the romance all the way this Friday. In other words, should you give up the Kitty Kat when Friday comes around?

If you are in a new relationship and things have been going well, deciding to give it up on Friday isn’t the way to think. Valentine’s Day is still just a day. Ask yourself, if Valentine’s Day was three months from now, would you still do it? If you wouldn’t then cross those sexy legs and enjoy each other in other ways.

imagesSometimes women get stupid when they get a nice gift. If he is wining and dining you, this is not an indication that you need to give up the parts. You are not a prostitute; therefore, just because he spends money on you, doesn’t mean you have to throw it back. Ladies, real men love to spoil their women, even on Valentine’s Day. He’s supposed to make you happy, buy you gifts and take you out. After all, that’s the boujie way!

Prepping my VJ for V day…

Boujie MACK

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