Hump Day Files: When to Take the Condom Off

article-2107111-020DAFF90000044D-673_468x331Never! Just kidding. Honestly, after you have been with someone for a while, it is normal to stop using condoms and use other contraceptives when being intimate. The spreading of STDs isn’t because people who are in relationships are having sex with each other, it is because people are having sex with each other without commitment and are not using protection. These two group of people mix and we end up with an epidemic.



Rottenecards_32549999_j52f9jf5hmFor anyone who is questioning if they want to stop using protection, the first thing any couple should do is get checked and tested immediately. I would get checked and wait six months, just to be sure, and test again for STDs and HIV/AIDS again. Honestly, 1 year is too soon to take the condom off and putting your body at risk for a person who you may not trust like that. You really should know the person you are with before raw dogging them. There are too many STDs and liars out there to believe someone is telling the truth. Also, remind yourself if this is a person you have in your life for at least 18-21, sometimes 30 smh, because you didn’t use a condom??? Know the risks!

You should be warned, once you take the condom off, it will be hard to put it back on. Why not save your goodies for when you know it’s real and this is the person you are going to be with. It is ideal to wrap it up every single time or wait until you are married but in today’s society this is almost impossible. Be honest with how you feel and take your time.

Wrapping it Up…


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