Hump Day Files: Toys but Not Boys?

imagesSome women like to try new things in the bedroom. While I think it is healthy to be spontaneous and adventurous, especially after you’ve been together for a while, it is important to know where your partner stands. Not every man gets excited when he sees a rabbit. So if you are going to hop on something, hop on him before he hops on someone else. Your mama may have told you to share your toys but some toys are meant to be played with by yourself!

The problem with men and toys is men are egotistical. They want to make sure they are the ones that are causing us to hoot and holler not a buzzer. Bringing out a toy for sex is like telling them they aren’t good enough. They want to be the ones to make our eyes roll to the back of our heads, not some inanimate object. Let’s think about this… How many times have we been approached about having a threesome and have been offended because a man dare ask us to bring another woman in the bedroom. Why wouldn’t we be enough? It is the same thing for a man. Using a toy is like having another man, who gets the job done faster and maybe better in an explosive way, in the bedroom.  Get it?

10-things-we-hate-admitting-about-ourselves-1087838-OneByOneSome guys are cool with toys but if your man isn’t, toss it. If you really don’t want to toss it at least hide the thing and get a fresh pair of batteries when he’s not around, you sneaky boujie girl! If you get caught, don’t blame me, I told you to toss it. If push comes to shove, two fingers in your bucket… phuck it!

Heading to the shower…


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