High Standards or I respect Myself?

tumblr_inline_n21yz6BZOp1rmdyycSo the feedback I got from my almost date was I should have given neighbor boy a chance. Here’s why I say fuck no. First of all, it’s common courtesy to let someone know well in advance that you aren’t going to make an engagement. Do not wait until the time has passed and think people are just going to wait on you. Nah, it doesn’t work that way. Second, as a lady, you don’t chase anyone. I’ll be damned if I call a dude and ask “when are you coming?” Are you kidding me?! Currently in the US our population is 326,015,105. You mean to tell me all these people and I’m going to stress one? FOH!

Time is Precious
As much as I would have wanted to spend this man’s money then dump him, I have better things to do with my time. If a man wants to date me, even if it is casual, he better make the effort. I’m not going to call someone to remind them they are suppose to spend time with me. I’m a priority.

Be Classy
I vowed I will always be is classy. If someone shows you who they are, believe them right? I ain’t even going to get mad over someone I don’t know. I could have hashed it out with this guy but for what? He’s lame and I wasn’t into him. Cute, potential but I can spot a nightmare from a mile away. Keep it moving.

Listen to People When they Speak
This dude told me that in his 38 years on this earth he’s only had two relationships and together they lasted 3 years. Red flag. What is this a red flag? Why are you almost 40 and the longest relationship you’ve had was a year and a half. He confessed to being a playboy but he’s a changed men. Yeah ok. While I was standing next to him, his phone was blowing up, why don’t you answer playa? Yeah, I’m good.

When You Say No
I’m always entertained by people when they get mad because you told them no. This grown ass man threw a tantrum because I said no to the second/first date. I’ve met guys like this. They start foaming at the mouth because they think you “dissed” them when in fact, they suck at life. Keep moving peasant!

I literally have no time for foolishness. I have a webseries I’m creating, charity events I’m supporting and of course I have my Boujie girls. Where in my life is there place for lame ass dudes? On to the next.

Still apartment hunting…

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