I Saw A Ladybug

2015122817141748611203758_sbigI saw a Ladybug twice last week. The first time was at work. I was sitting outside and one was next to me on the bench. The second time today was at my house. I was walking up the stairs and there was one on the wall. For someone who is terrified of bugs, I didn’t grab my raid, scream or try to kill it. I leaned in, looked at it, said a prayer and left it alone.

Why am I taking about this Ladybug story? I met a girl this year, who I bonded with about losing children, and she showed me how to live through grief. She said in grief you should find the signs of things to come and for her ladybugs was a way her daughter talked to her. Her baby girl is in heaven. So when I saw a ladybug today, I didn’t think to call her, I took it as a sign my angels were looking down on me. I’ve been in a mood lately and here comes a ladybug, here to remind me that things will in fact get better and always have gotten better.

urlThere have been some bad things reported on the news. More distrust between police and people of color. More families grieving their own because someone has been killed unjustly. Pain and suffering from my community and then there is my own sadness and grief. I really do try to find the good in all things but today I had a cloud over my head and then I saw a ladybug. A symbol of hope to what is going to come. A sign that pain isn’t forever. A truth that my future, while heavy with hurt along the way, is still bright and hopeful.

I hope this reaches someone today… Be safe and know God is love.
-Boujie Mack

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