Fellaz Friday: I’m Looking For… Part II

tumblr_my20rf8xvi1rmrsf6o1_400Probably the most important thing to me about a potential wife is how well we connect. I’m a guy who actually enjoys talking and communicating, so I need to have good chemistry with my woman. Of course we don’t have to like all the same things, but we should have several shared interests and both be able to converse on many things. I’ve had several relationships where I felt like I was doing all the heavy lifting when it came to communication and conversations (I always started the convos, I kept them going, I brought up new stuff, etc.) and those got real old real quick.
Another important thing for me is that she be genuine. I can’t stand when women are fake and don’t act like themselves around me. I understand everyone holds back a little when first meeting and getting to know someone, but I have to feel like I’m getting to know the real deal and not some made-up person. If you’re the type that will get into discussions or arguments and likes to really speak your mind, then do it! Don’t be some submissive wallflower then turn into Judge Judy after you get married — let me know the real you!
I definitely seek a woman who has a solid faith in God. I believe without God we get too worldly and imbalanced. I want a woman who truly understands the important things in life that matter (God, family, friends, shelter, etc.) and even though she may be exposed to nonsense (like gossip, reality TV, material things, etc.), she doesn’t get caught up in it. If the choice between buying some Louboutins or paying bills is a tough decision for her or helping our daughter with her homework has to wait until after she watches Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, then she ain’t the woman for me …
tumblr_mkwn0rU0GW1qjxkzbo1_250Lastly, I need a mentally strong woman. I’m extremely supportive and I’m always there for my woman, but I need her to be that for me as well. And I especially look for a woman that will be that for our family and children. I don’t want a woman who will break down and just give up whenever we hit financially rocky times, or things aren’t going smoothly in our relationship, or the kids require more time and effort from us — I want to know she’s in it for the long haul as well. I honestly want to feel like it’s me and my wife against the world; she’s got my back as much as I have hers and there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together.
M. Marshall

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