Fellaz Friday: I’m Looking For… Part I

older-man-give-gift-young-woman-450a081008I’m a single man with no children who has never been married, but I definitely plan to get married and have children. I don’t believe I’m overly picky, but I am someone who has always been more interested in having relationships with women instead of just flings. That in itself has made me more serious about the women I approach, so I tend to think about more than just how attractive they are.

That said … I must admit I do need to be very attracted to a woman physically to marry her. Physical attractiveness is subjective, so this doesn’t mean my woman must look like a Hollywood celeb or famous singer/model. But I know what I’m attracted to physically, and generally this includes being in moderately good shape. I don’t expect my wife to be a marathon runner or physical trainer, but I think she should take care of herself (exercise, eat healthy, etc.). Along those lines, I do enjoy the whole “lady in the streets/freak in the bedroom” thing as well. I could care less about what other people think about me, so I don’t want a woman who feels the need to always show how sexy or sexual she is to everyone or broadcast everything about our personal life on social media. Going overboard with that is a sign of insecurity and immaturity in my opinion — two things I definitely want to avoid in a potential wife.

I recently turned 40 and, although I get along well with many women around my age, I’m looking for a woman a bit younger (mid-to-late 20s or early 30s) since I want children. I have been in relationships with women that are around my age with older children and often they don’t feel like having more children (and I don’t blame them). Additionally, there are also the higher risks that come with older women having children, so ideally I’d like to avoid putting my woman through that.

tumblr_ltqpmtaMxq1qln00mo1_400I know this is the 21st century and things have changed from back in the day, but I do want a woman who can — and will — cook. I actually cook my own food and have no problem cooking, but I can’t see myself being a provider, protector, chores guy, tools/fixer guy AND cooking 365 days/year. Nah … not happening. She doesn’t have to be a master chef, but she does need to share in the cooking each week.
Till Next Time…
M. Marshall

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