I’m Not Kenneka Jenkins

maxresdefaultThe news story about the young girl, Kenneka Jenkins reported this 19-year-old girl was found dead in a freezer at a hotel. What boggles me about this story is she went to a hotel party, got drunk and ended up dead in a freezer?! There is speculation that she was murdered and raped. My issue isn’t the speculation or suspicion of her death, my issue is where were her friends?

Growing up, I was always around a group of girls. I was the girlie girl that had girlfriends everywhere I went. (Still do) We would always go to parties and hang out with each other. In college, we were around Kenneka’s age, and it didn’t matter how wasted someone was, we always looked out for each other.

I am not one to hold her liquor, still can’t, so if I got drunk, my friends never left my side. They never let me drive home, go sleep with someone and damn sure didn’t let me wander around alone. Kenneka’s so-call friends let her wander alone throughout a hotel. To the point where she could have walked into a hotel freezer and died? Where is the loyalty in this generation? I get it, you aren’t there to babysit someone who gets drunk when you just want to have a good time but guess what? When someone is your friend, you look out for them or some shit like this could go down.

My Drunk Girl Experiences

4600_108770234178_7622012_nI remember one time I was in Vegas with my girlfriends. We turned all the way up at this club. We were all so drunk. It got to the point where I was so drunk that I needed to go home. There were 8 of us and my two drinks and I’m done ass was through after having a bunch of shots. Everyone wanted to stay. Do you think my friends just put me in a cab and sent me back to the hotel? Nope. Half of the crew walked me out, held my hair so I could vomit, and one person jumped in the cab with me, shout out to Mellie Mel, and we got to the hotel safely where I could clean myself up and go to bed. PERIOD. Don’t you think Mellie Mel wanted to stay at the club? We had dudes buying us drinks, DJ was amazing and everyone was turned the fuck up. But no, as a good friend, she made sure I got home. This is what friends do! It’s called a buddy system. We learned this back in middle school!

Another situation, my exboyfriend was accused of second-degree rape. When I asked what happened, the story was they were all drinking and he hooked up with one of the girls and she was drunk. I was like hold up, in this room, where everyone was drinking and getting drunk, her friends didn’t stop her from leaving with my ex? (No, we were not together at the time. I had to leave that alone. Smh.) I was disgusted in her friends and of course, my ex who made a poor decision on sleeping with someone who was drunk.

I don’t know what people are thinking happened to this beautiful young woman but my eye is on her friends. They took her phone and her car and left the hotel (allegedly) and didn’t think to try to find her? My mom always said watch the company you keep but I guess I was lucky to have good company. Not everyone is as lucky. My heart goes out to Kenneka Jenkins and her family. There is a lot to learn from this and this current generation coming up. There are more values we need to instill in these young ladies, I just didn’t think it would be loyalty. Smh.

Glad I’m blogging again,

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