It’s NOT Just Facebook

giphyThe phrase, “It’s just Facebook” is no longer just a phrase. People are out here taking things really personally and I don’t remember when we made that shift of reality but it’s here and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. My cousins had a falling out because one of them took too long to friend the other on FB. When he did, the other one unfriended him and it became an argument, a humorous one but a silly one too. Like really?

Slight Racist Facebook Friend?
I had a friend I was becoming really cool with but I kinda thought he’s racist or simply is so drowned in his white privilege that he is unable to see injustice. It got to the point where I just hid his post online because he sounded like an idiot or maybe it’s I just hadn’t forgiven him for the crap that he said, so I’m like done. I used to think he was so cool but his mind vomited on my Facebook newsfeed and now I kinda don’t like him. I might go ahead and delete him after I’m done writing this blog! Either way, I’m through with posting controversial shit because nothing gets resolved and my distaste for people will not allow me to fight with them back and forth on Facebook.

Is this what she wanted me to do?!

Is this what she wanted me to do?!

Sensitive Facebook Friend?
The second situation, I literally just had, was a my family member commented on my post, a person I’m cool with commented on my sister’s post, (following me so far?) and somehow it turned into some drama. I had no idea what happened because I don’t have the FB app on my phone and I make it a point not to check it before I go to bed. In the morning, I check it and not only do I see the comments but I was unfriended! What did I do?! I “spoke” to both parties and it is what it is and I’m fine but why do I get the short end of the stick because of who I am associated with? Is this what’s happening now? Now your extended party is a reflection of you? I can’t babysit what someone else says. All I could say was sorry that it got escalated to the injured party. They were arguing over something that I didn’t even post about, yet I get the blame? Humm…

It gives me a headache that Facebook has gotten this rotten. There was a time when people could say, “It’s just Facebook” but that clearly isn’t the case anymore. Facebook, for some people, is a judgmental stomping ground, soap box, war zone, whatever. If I didn’t use it to updated on my blog or webseries, I would have deleted it by now. I literally don’t check my FB page before I go to bed, because I don’t want to end up pissed. I know foolishness is just waiting!

So there is my New Year resolution, no more adding people and no controversial posts because I might not like my friends later or they might like me apparently! My boujieness has gone up about 20%.

Leaving the computer… 

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