It’s Valentines Day… Should You Give it Up?

images-1It is good to have sex for no reason or without purpose. Just because it is Valentines Day doesn’t mean you have to call up whomever and offer them the luxury and petting your kitty. After all, today is just one day, after tomorrow, how are you going to feel if he doesn’t want it or you wish you never did it? It is not the boujie way to act desperate. WTF is that about anyway?

images-2There are going to be F- Valentines Day post everywhere and people not claiming to care about it. (If you didn’t care why are you even making it a point to speak on it…smh) But deep down inside, you want to feel special. Calling the backup guy is an emotional decision. Never make an emotional decision because emotions are like the weather it changes often but circumstances do not.

If your guy has been acting like a jerk, Valentines Day is not a pass to put if on him. Because guess what?  If he’s a jerk, today is Thursday not Valentines Day and Friday he will go back to how it normally is. Unless you are looking to rekindle love, keep the kitty in the box!

imagesIf you plan on getting down, make sure you kitty is clean. Brazilian wax anyone? Put on your cutest outfit, red is extra sexy today. And have a good time with someone who is worth your time. Do not call someone you haven’t spoken to in forever because you don’t want to be alone. It’s not worth it. Send yourself a card and flowers if it helps and relax. Why? Because the weekend is near!

Be safe and remember condoms are your friends…

Boujie MACK

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