Jealous of A Relationship Status? Don’t Be!

imagesI like to read articles about relationships from a psychologist or psychiatrist perspective. There is a lot of research done of how people act in a relationship. This article I read was by a doctor named, Erica B. Slotter, Ph.D. who is a social psychologist and assistant professor at Villanova University in Villanova, PA. Her research interests center around how our relationships shape who we are and how who we are shapes our relationships. I found the article on and the piece that will interest you the most is this. You can read the rest of her article on the website link at the bottom.


Across three studies, the researchers found that anxiety was associated with a greater desire for relationship visibility on Facebook, as well as a greater likelihood of actually having one’s relationship visible on Facebook. Avoidance, on the other hand predicted less desire for and actual relationship visibility. The researchers also found that when people were feeling more insecure about their relationships – either because they were induced to feel that way in the lab, or on days where they naturalistically felt that way in their relationship— they desired to make their relationships more visible and were more likely to post relationship-relevant things on their Facebook pages. All of this emerged even when accounting for how much time people spent on Facebook in general.

Finally, the researchers looked at the motivations that people had when they wanted to make their relationships more visible to others on social media. Regardless of attachment dynamics, they found that people were more interested in using Facebook to communicate about their relationship when they were motivated to feel good about themselves (i.e. boost self-esteem) or they wanted others to perceive them as being in a happy and stable relationship.

In sum, it seems like our approaches to romantic relationships can alter the way that we communicate information about those relationships to others on social media.


So… with all of this said, what have you learned children? It is so important not to envy what you don’t know. I know it can be tough seeing people post wedding pictures on Facebook, baby pictures and engagement announcements, but take it from me, it ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Not that I’m saying people who put their lives out for friends to see are miserable, we all do it but to envious is silly. Let them be happy and post whatever they want. Just know your turn is well on its way and you can join the frenzy of changing your relationship status to married to… And if push comes to shove, just hide them from your timeline! See? Simple!

Logging off Facebook…



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