New Year Resolution? Get Juicy!

urlSo I took some time off last year to create and launch my webseries. Check it out when you have some time. It’s called “The Adjuncts” and you can watch it on Youtube. Here is the link: In the midst of filming, post production, work, moving and living life in general, I really didn’t take care of myself like I should have. I stopped buying groceries at some point because the food was just rotting in my fridge. Like, that is how much I ate out and low key wasted money.

This year, because I sucked with my health last year, I’m starting it off the way I should have. I’m detoxing for 21 days. A method of detoxing that has worked very well for me, in the past, was juicing. I juiced for 30 days in 2015 and combined the juicing and healthy eating for about 5 months from the start of the year. Shit hit the fan starting that June, but it worked really well for me before that and I’m doing it again.

While some people might frown on juicing as a method to get healthy, I don’t agree. For me, it worked out just fine and I have actually continued to juice since then. Even in my take out food obsession along with depression, being busy, annoyed life last year, I actually still juiced, mainly in the mornings because I was so busy and didn’t always have time for breakfast. So I’m going to push this detox and mix it in with my workout routine. I’m doing to Lazy Girl Fitness Challenge in case anyone wanted to know. Plus, the gym.

So today is day one of getting juicy. So join me in the #GetJuicy challenge. I’m on Instagram with pictures so check out @boujiemack for daily updates. I’ll post later this week on if I killed someone because I wanted to eat a waffle. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sipping on my green juice,
Boujie MACK

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