Just Say No

beyonce-shaking-head-and-saying-nopeThey say if you want something done, ask busy people. Well most Boujie girls are quite busy and have busy schedules. One thing I suggest to my ladies this year, and I am working on this too, is saying “No” without explaining ourselves or just saying “No” to whatever. Phuck it, if your busy your freaking busy!

The “I want everyone to like me” shit is overrated. At some point, we have to learn that our best interest sometimes is to fall back and tell people we have our own lives to live and we will not cater to their wants. There is such thing as putting yourself first and being a little selfish sometimes. The problem with being available all the time or making room for others ALL THE TIME is it leaves NO TIME for you and that can lead to a burn out.

A perfect example is one of my Boujie girls works part-time at this job but ends up working full-time hours because people keep asking her to cover their shifts. She is a business owner, working on her own stuff and by picking up other shifts, it takes away from her business. Not good.

As much as we want to be able to say “Yes” to everything, there are times when we must learn to say “No” to people. If they take it the wrong way, guess what? They will live and get over it. Don’t let anyone guilt you into doing anything. They are putting themselves first by asking you, so why can’t you? Learn to put yourselves first ladies.

Just saying no…

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