Kiss My…V

I have an old story that I now am allowed to share, after months of begging I got the green light. Once upon a time, in a town called Boston, there was a piece of shit grown man, and this grown man decided to date my girlfriend, who, like me, is a Boujie girl. After months of dating, he decided to steal her cell phone and get her other girlfriend’s number to call her. This girl was not a Boujie girl, in fact she was a tramp. Yes, I called her a tramp.

About 6 weeks after this silent exchange, the friend tells her she has been talking to this fool and she isn’t interested in him and my fellow Boujie girl should not be interested in him either. Can someone please pump the breaks!!! 6 weeks? Why oh why are some of you ladies so thirsty?

Here are my thoughts on this situation. A man is going to try you and everything he’s got, it’s not about him at this point, but why did the girlfriend play her like that? Isn’t friendship worth more a guy these days? Why can’t women learn to resist for the other woman’s sake? When we don’t respect each other we give men power to act a fool and the consequences on both sides end up bad anyways so why do it to yourself?

The lack of unity amongst women blows me away. Ever notice men don’t have to know each other yet somehow they always have each other’s backs? Can we really say the same? Since everyone is out for self these days, there is no unity or even sympathy between women. This kind of thinking is going to leave some of you ladies, if you even still deserve that title, alone with a truck load of bad karma. Remember karma is the universe’s way of telling/ showing you- you didn’t get away with that crap!


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