What if You Knew Miley Cyrus?

imagesI haven’t said anything about the “wildin’ out” new Miley. I always assumed Disney squeaky clean stars eventually lose it and fall apart, so her ridiculous behavior did not faze me.  But like, what if that was your home girl? How many of us ladies have that one friend that you can’t seem to take anywhere because she is a mess? It is important that you have a well-represented circle of friends, because you are the company you keep; however, many of you have that ONE friend that you just have to take a deep breath before you introduce her to someone. Do we disown them? No!

Honestly, who you choose to be friends with is your business. People are not supposed to judge you based on who you hang out with but the truth is they are going to judge you anyway. It would be very shady to disown your ratchet friend in public or around certain people just because they are not what you want them to be. Still, you have to be honest with them about their behavior and how it makes you look. It is not something they may like per say, but oh well at least you are being a friend instead of denying them 3 times at a cross. Not the boujie way!

miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-1-650-430When it comes to Miley Cyrus, where are her friends? Why hasn’t anyone told her, you look like a sleezy walking STD who needs to eat a sandwich? What, are they afraid to say, “no this isn’t cool” or claim “she’s doing her” and let her look foolish? There are too many friends of ours that will not say anything and let their friends look silly in front of others in fear of insulting the friend or just pissing their friend off.

Friendships have boundaries but it is important that honesty is respected in the relationship enough to tell your friend the truth about how others are viewing her. Just saying, keep it real!

Sending out a text message…


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