Life Kicked My ass

One thing about being a Boujie girl that I don’t always enjoy is the lack of respect I get from others! Last week was crazy, just crazy. I won’t bore you with details so I’ll make it quick. I decided to move out of my apartment into a townhome. My pets were getting too cramped, location sucked and I needed to save some money. So I went ahead and found someone to take over my lease and looked for a new place.

First of all, the lady I gave my apartment too was so nice when she was trying to get my apartment, but as soon as the least was signed over she completely did a 180 on me! She was mean and tried to throw me out of my own place! Then my movers thought I didn’t want my mattress?! So they moved everything but my mattress then complained to me that they were not getting paid enough money to move my shit? (He call it shit) The leasing office didn’t give me my keys until 6:30 that night, so I couldn’t move until 8pm which meant I didn’t get everything out of the apartment until 2am and had to come back for my mattress in the morning with grumpy movers. I didn’t sleep for two days getting ready for this move.

My problem wasn’t the chaos of moving, it was the people I dealt with. I wanted to curse out the lady so bad who took over my apartment. She gonna tell me she was doing me a favor…um excuse me? There were plenty of people willing to take the apartment. You signed the papers first. I only posted my ad for a week so what you saying? The movers…boo boo, you lucky you got any business, have you seen the economy? You could have said no and moved on but you didn’t so please cut the crap! The leasing office…well, everything worked out, they did the best they could do despite giving me the run around.

Why do people think it’s ok to speak to me however they please? I have learned to keep my composure and just stare at them. Eventually they will realize they have fully lost their freaking minds and I’m not listening to shit they are saying. Needless to say, obviously Heaven was on my side because it all worked out. I’m putting my things away looking at the beautiful Downtown sky view. Yes, the Boujie One has officially made it. Despite some of the foolery I had to endure and broken dishes and glasses…cringe!

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