Lights, Camera, Drama?!

picture-8So I’m on my set, looking things over, sipping water through a straw out of a bottle of water, you know being boujie. The out of no where, I found two my crew members going at it. I obviously have to put out fires on my set and maintain some kind of workable environment for my team, so I pulled the loudest one off to the side. The conflict came from something absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion of course. One person questioned the skills of the other guy and the other guy took it personal. Of course this means a fight to the death!

The reason why the situation seemed so juvenile to me is because I’m a firm believer of if you are the best at what you do, nothing anyone says should irritate you to the point where you come out of character. Everyone can be better at their craft; this is a known fact. However, when you take things personal about what someone says about you, even if it isn’t true, it means they’re tapping into insecurities that make you feel weak. I’ve felt this way.

With my crew members going at it with their drama, I’m reminded of how combative I used to be, especially when I was younger. I mean you couldn’t tell me shit without a hurricane coming out. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, been diagnosed with high blood pressure or simply don’t give a shit but what makes the hurricane come out isn’t anything simple. It won’t be someone talking shit or someone’s opinion that causes me to blow up. In fact, my sister and I had a conversation about my just shutting off when I’m done with a person or situation. She says she hates it when I just shut down because she would rather me get it out, but allowing someone to make me lose my cool is just not the boujie way! The one time I actually it, my sister is on the other side of the phone calling me a thug. Thanks Erika. 😉 I know what hurricanes look like and I don’t find pleasure to getting into it with people.

Throw the Shade and Move On

tumblr_mv0zgbZiIB1ql5yr7o1_r1_400As boujie ladies, we have to get to the point when we don’t let someone steal our cool. My childhood bestie Melissa once said, “Mack, you only need to fight if you get in the ring.” I swear, ever since that day, I made sure to be choosy about which rings to box in. Either I lose my cool and go in knowing I’m winning or I address it and move on.

I told someone once I’m on 20 I’m no longer in control and his comment was, “But you wake up on 13!” Funny. Since I started I meditating, I’ve woken up on 9, I’m better haha! I’m signing off by telling my boujie ladies, don’t ever let someone see you sweat. People like to poke and sometimes, shit, you’ll blow up but choose your ring and you better win. It’s your choice for a reason.

Hanging up my brass knuckles for now…

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