Love in January

close-young-couple-sharing-noodle1The winter time is the best time to be in a relationship. It is when couples tend to have more alone time due to the cold weather. January is the most broke and motivating month of the year. People are broke because they have to pay off their holiday shopping bills and motivating because of New Year Resolutions of course. But there is something to be said about having a boo during this time. Setting aside time for your significant other is really important but rather than over wine and dine (it will break your diet anyway) staying home is actually ideal.

While you are at home, why not cook more for the love of your life. Find tasty healthy meals to either cook for them or cook together. Instead of ordering pizza, make one yourself. It takes little time and is healthier. Get to know each other more during the quiet time and work on your goals as a couple together. Make date night a comfortable one.

V310879_COMBO_JT_SPLIT2Just because we are inside doesn’t mean you can’t look nice. Make sure when you are having date night at home, wear cute comfortable clothes. Not clothes you would wear when you are about to clean out your car. Find some cute Victoria Secret house clothes, shower, add some sexy lotion and go cuddle. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. I’m not saying wear a face full of make-up, just look cute and clean. After all… looking shabby is not the boujie way!



Pulling out my blanket from the dryer…


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