Loyal to Your Job or Nah?

making money for your job2016 is the year of growth and prosperity. Believe it and walk with it. I have a lot of friends of mine who are so loyal to their jobs and never want to leave. It worries me because one thing I’ve learned is never get attached to something that isn’t your own. You should always work hard at your job because this is how you make a living but always keep an eye out for a better opportunity.

Loyal to Your Boss? For what? Your Boss is not your Friend

I don’t care how cool your boss is, your boss is not your friend. Always remember this rule of thumb in business, “it’s not personal, it’s business.” Believe me if it is your ass or your boss’s, they’ll choose themselves every time. And why not? Who ‘s going to sacrifice food on their family’s plate just to be nice? It’s too cold outside to take those kinds of risks.

being loyal to your bossI told my sister, once when she was considering applying for another position, keep her options open. She said she liked her boss and didn’t want to disappoint her by going after another position and that her boss was grooming her for something else. I told my sister to go for the other position because her boss liked her where she was because she was a good worker. Her boss would groom my sister in order to benefit the boss, not my sis. The only one looking out for her will be herself and herself only.

Never Depend on One Income. By Loyal to Yourself.

When I was in my MBA program, my finance instructor told us it was ridiculous for anyone to depend on one income. His explanation for it was we live in a society where businesses fall all the time and nothing is like the way it was. People don’t retire from jobs anymore and the costs of things are too high. Not everyone has time for a second job but what’s important is to keep your eye on the next step. How can you, if push came to shove, depend on yourself if your security net is someone else?

My good girlfriend works for an independent company. She makes a lot of money for them and with them. If something should happen to that job, I’m not worried about her because this is someone who knows how to run her own company, contract deals and make a lot of bank. She has enough skills that if that ship sank for whatever reason, she has enough contacts and can make it on her own. She still continues to make her own contacts, discuss her skills with people and has her own clients. She might have one job on paper but baby girl’s backup is straight because she knows how to make money on her own as an independent business. Now that is the Boujie way!

urlI’ll wrap this up by saying, look, it’s January, what better time to have a backup than now? Yeah, it’s a cliché but whatever cause you’re the bomb and you’ll be successful. Don’t look at the beginning as how it’s going to be, look at the beginning as just that, a start. You’ll build off that start into something bigger than you imagined. I have faith in you.

Weighing out my options…

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