Mack Mondays: Work Husbands

imagesIt is inevitable that when you work at a place for at least 20- 40 hours, you are bound to have a relationship with your colleagues and supervisors. It is unavoidable. The best thing about work husbands and wives is you have a companion on your side. The worst thing about work husbands and wives, you are married to them and marriage can suck sometimes.

Even though we hate to admit this, work is our second home. We talk about it when we leave, discuss it on FB, mumble about getting there and feel funny when we are off work for a big amount of time. It isn’t the work that keeps us going, it is the people around us. When you are dealing with a work spouse, it can make work easier. You have someone to bitch with, eat lunch with and sometimes someone to drive you home after happy hour.

co-worker_01092013082221The problem that comes with this is when you have a tiff with this person. Sometimes people can get over things a lot easier if the other person is honest and doesn’t act like a victim. Other times, it is better to agree to disagree because if you fight, you lose your partner, at least for a while. The dangerous part is when the lines get crossed and your work husband starts to take things too far. If you don’t want to lose this work husband because you like the relationship that you both have developed, check him and do it immediately. Don’t let things go on farther than they need to because once you clocked out work, you clocked out of this marriage.

I’ll be honest, sometimes the attraction is still going to be there but as long as you don’t put yourself in a situation, like being alone with them, you should be good. Always go out in groups and with other colleagues. If you are ever alone, make sure you are in a public place and bring your own car if it’s like that. 30% of affairs begin in the workplace and 1% of them actually stay a relationship that leads to a happy marriage. The odds are already against you so don’t think about crossing the line. Enjoy your work boo and keep it separate from your real life.

Sliding my chair away from my work husband…

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