Making a Murderer Is One Sided

So there is a bunch of hype on the new Netflix show called Making a Murderer. I kept seeing it on my newsfeed and people kept telling me about it. I finally gave in and watched an episode. While it was really intriguing, something kept gnawing at me. I thought the documentary was one sided.

I’ve watched a lot of murder, women who kill, children who kill, Snapped and so on. I have a good handle of how they show cases and how one sided they could be. This documentary series was so one sided that I did some research on the man, Steven Avery. Not only is this documentary one sided, but it also does not show the other side of Avery that should be shown. For one, his fiancé, who’s in the documentary, is now recanting most of what she said in the documentary because she said she was coerced into speaking positive about him. Apparently, according to her, he was abusive and was terrified of him, which is why she spoke highly about him on the documentary. There were also reports of him abusing his wife and fiancé that the police department (the villains in the documentary) had record of. There were also a few supposed threatening letters he wrote, when he was in jail, threatening to kill his ex-wife. Where there’s smoke there’s fire?

It does make me wonder why this man was targeted and if he actually did commit the crimes he was accused of. He comes off as soft and simple man in the documentary but the paper trail of his past is not something to ignore. Also, the jurors are coming out and saying they didn’t vote correctly and were threatened. Some people on the jury were related to the sheriff’s department. All kinds of extra craziness! I’m jaded…

maxresdefaultNow, I haven’t finished watching the documentary series, Making a Murderer, but I intend to. Binge watching is a hobby of mine. The series is fascinating when you’re looking at the facts, extra research, and details of what has happened to this man, what this man has done and the whole criminal system. It does make me wonder about a lot of people in jail who claim they’re innocent and even those who have been arrested and thrown in jail over some bullshit.

It’s an interesting documentary. It’s a must watch and also an eye opener. Just be sure to do your own research along with this one. There are three sides to a story after all.

Turning up the volume…

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