Married to Yourself?

10896442_10205121936720964_6531187999984358416_o-378x306So recently in the news it was reported a woman, Yasmin Eleby, married herself because she promised herself by the age of 40 she would get married; 40 was around the corner for her so she did get married… to herself. There are two ways of looking at this… she liberated herself from society’s ideologies of marriage or this is a perfect example that women want to have a wedding more than a marriage.

The liberating part is she kept her vow. She said she wanted to be married by 40 and she damn sure did it. She had a full wedding and from the looks of the picture, it was a good time! Making a commitment to give yourself back to yourself is powerful in its own way.

Where is what baffles me, why not just throw a damn 40th birthday party. Was it necessary to have a wedding? So what, is she a wife now? Wanting to get married is more than having a wedding. The whole concept of the entire thing annoys me because it mocks the point of marriage and, for me, makes women look desperate. Seriously, you just had to marry yourself to liberate yourself? There is no “us” in “I”. Traditional weddings include a bride and a groom, or nowadays, bride and bride, groom and groom, whatever but bride and no one? What are we doing?

10899981_10205121922440607_2382053570700332479_o-378x414Still, I gotta give it to home girl, she did what she wanted and that I can respect. She clearly didn’t care what anyone else thought and she did something for herself. She looks great. I hope one day she finds the groom but most of all, I’m happy she did something to make herself happy. That is what I took from her wedding and there is a lot we can make from Mrs. Eleby. Congratulations girl!

Thinking about my 40s….

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