Online Dating: verses Tinder

Online-Dating-gifGetting your feet wet in the world of dating is the most daunting, worst, uncomfortable and fun thing that will happen before you settle down. One place a lot of people start is to try online dating. My sister, yes you Erika, has suggested I try Tinder, just to get a feel of what is out there. There I was swiping, liking and chatting, I realized Tinder is a hookup site. While you might make a connection there, it really is for hooking up and fun dates. I don’t find a lot of serious people on there.

I met two guys on Tinder. Both times they were really young; one brought his PlayStation over so we can play and the other met me at Steak and Shake and could only afford to buy me a milkshake and offered to buy me weed later. Smh. Every other grown ass man would either piss me off before we would go out or send me a picture of his penis or ask me to send him a nude. Like, are you people not aware I’m a boujie girl?! WTF!!!!!

Then believe it or not, my OBGYN told me to try because that is where she met her husband. (She got married last summer) So my cousin Cathy, (hey girl) also tried it and said to give it a try and sent me a coupon. So I went on there and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I went on a few dates (both horrible and ok), met and talked to a lot of guys and still no real match. However, I’m out there and meeting a lot of guys, well online at least.

decide-you-just-cant-say-goodbye-yet-anywayMy issue with both love searches online is I wonder how men view the women on these sites. If I met a guy off Tinder, does he assume I just want to fuck? Or if I meet a guy off Match, does he know I’m serious? The consensus is both view a woman as eager to meet someone but one,, proves the guy is eager to meet someone too and wants a better class of women. Some guys will be on all these things so it doesn’t matter. So I don’t know about if the quality of men is any different but I have more serious dates from Match then I ever did with Tinder. Honestly, I hate online dating and most likely I’ll find the final love of my life bumping into him somewhere offline.

Looking at my newest match…

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