Day 6: Do You Match Your Mate?

184b7cb84d7b456c96a0bdfbbeaa5f14_XLI’ve discussed this on here before about ‘matching your mate’. Sometimes women have high expectations they want in a man but they don’t add up to what they are asking for. For example, you want your man to be tall, have a lot of money and great credit, but you barely can hold on to a job and have bad credit not to mention you’re a midget. Explain to me where the fairness is in this. :)

At some point you are going to have to meet the man in the middle. Before you want someone to buy you a big house and car, make sure you have your own ducks in a row. There is difference between a powerful couple and a powerful man and his supportive wife. Which one do you want to be? Before you get married, educate yourself on money. Learn how to save it, make it and use it properly. Clean up your own credit before you jump the broom because things happen and you need to be able to take care of yourself before you get married, while you are married and forever.

Couple counting moneyWhile marrying someone who is just as stable as you is ideal, you have to look in the mirror and see how stable you are. Do you have a spending problem that can bring down your family? What have you learned about money and sharing it when you get married? Today and for the rest of the week, log your spending habits. Would your future husband be pleased with it? Would you be ok if your future husband spent money the way you do? If the answer is no in both places, you have to start working out a plan to clean up your spending habit before you get married.

Also, how are you going to want a sexy man but you’re overweight? Ladies, hit the gym and tighten up, so you can attract your equal sexy counterpart. You can not expect sexy to want to wife chubby if you don’t want a chubby hubby! Are you everything you want your husband to say about his wife? Health wise, are you a healthy woman? Have do you get annuals to make sure the plumbing is good. What are you eating habits like? Do you have ache on your face? What are you doing to make yourself healthier from the inside and out? Have you Faced Your Body? (If not I got you on the next series!) Make sure you are matching your mate before you have a list of demands.

Counting my dollar bills,

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