Be Mine or Each Other

Girlfriends TV SHowI walked into Walgreens yesterday and almost threw up! There were so many Valentines Day hoopla everywhere that I thought, oh my goodness. Don’t let a single bitter woman come up in here! It was absolutely ridiculous.

I propose, for the ladies who are single and even those with someone, to be each other’s Valentines. Technically, it is not a day for couples, it is a day to show someone extra love. Since women are mainly affected by this hallmark day, why can’t we make each other feel special? For example, why not send your girlfriend a nice Valentines Day card, with chocolates and flowers. I mean does it have to come from a man all the time?

I brought a really cute Valentines Day gift for myself. I have no idea what my man is getting me but I know it won’t be the cute candleholder that says LOVE. (Will post the picture of it on FB later) I know he hardly ever goes to Walgreens and if he did, he will unlikely see it and think this is something I would like. So instead of setting up this big expectation or hint around, I brought it myself for $10 bucks. If you really want something extra on Saturday, get it yourself. Stop waiting on someone to make you feel special, you have to know you already are and when he goes out of his way to make you smile, that’s extra.

35c472728603e36157fcf46bd5c76887We spend so much time trying to get someone to do something for us to make us feel special, when we can do it ourselves or with each other. Most guys hate this holiday as much as women who have not a date in sight. So why bother with forcing it on them? Buy a Yankee candle, grab your girlfriends and have a spa day or spend the day just pampering yourself.

By the way, for those ladies who have a man, if he goes all out to make you feel special, ladies it’s not owed to you, thank him in a way that will make him feel special too. It’s a two way street.

Picking out a gift for my valentine…

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