Monday Madness: HR RecruitersThumbs Down

imagesIn this economy, people are looking for work and praying for a first and second interview to land a job and feed themselves and their families. HR representatives who show no love suck. It is one thing to apply for a job and get that generated message that says, thanks but no thanks, but when you get NOTHING at all, it is maddening.

Most of us appreciate good or bad news, as long as we get news. HR representatives and assistants can let a person know if it’s yay or hell naw! Waiting around for an offer, after we have interviewed for a position, is one of the worst anxious feelings we can get, especially if we really want the job. The worst part are sending them a follow up emails or hand written thank you cards and get NOTHING. No response, tweet, Facebook like, nada! Can anyone say sad face? 🙁

Quick funny story, I hope she doesn’t kill me. But a co-worker of mine applied for a job within the company and she did not get it. She told me they sent her six rejection emails back to back. She said, “They couldn’t just send me one. They needed to repeatedly remind me that I wasn’t qualified through a bunch of stupid rejection emails.” I looked at her rejections and said, “At least they let you know!” I applied for the same position and never got interviewed! Epic fail much?

Serious-boss-with-his-two-employees-looking-at-camera-with-displeasureWhat To Do
If for whatever reason you hear nothing back from a job, especially one you really want, move on. Don’t waste energy on being upset because they didn’t choose you. Take it as a sign to move on and do things to stick out even more. Never get too discouraged about job rejections or a lack of response from them. Turn the “no” into an opportunity to look for better opportunities. The good thing is your name is out there. They have seen your name before and there is a chance you could still be a candidate. However, still need to move on. For some reason, when you want a something, like a job or love, it is hard to find. But if you find a it, all of sudden the missing offers come pouring in just as you start settling in. Oh the tragedy. Trust God and keep your head up.

Sick of hitting apply…

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