Money Monday: Overspending Killing You?

o-BLACK-PEOPLE-SHOPPING-facebookPeople are always being sucked into something either by friends, advertisements or their own wants. We go into a store to purchase one or two things and come out buying half the store. I am notorious for crap like that. I shudder at the thought of looking at my credit card bill! When we think we are only buying a few products and it doesn’t cost a lot of money, little products that are cheap all add up to one big price. Don’t blow your gas money on a dollar store!

Most of the time, when we over-shop, it isn’t supposed to impact our way of living. This means just because you went crazy in Macy’s or even CVS doesn’t mean the rent isn’t going to be paid. Buying extra shoes, a cute outfit, those jeans you’ve been eyeing or too many facial products will not be the end of you. However, you do need to control those instincts because many times, the things that we buy, we are blowing money on things we hardly even use, especially when the budget it tight. I know you can never have enough shoes or handbags but sometimes you have to appreciate what is in your closet and move on.

happy-shoppingOne way to hold back from instinctive purchasing is by creating a list. If I have a list in my hand when I go to the grocery store, I am less likely to wander. Also, when I shop online, I get exactly what I need and for the things I think I want, I put it in the wish list for later. (Shout out to Amazon) Another way to help with overspending is by bringing cash. If you know you are only going to buy a few things, bring the money need for those products only. When you are carrying cash, you should only spend what you have on you. Refrain from pulling out that debit card!

For someone who studied marketing, understand products are placed in particular places for consumers. Ever notice when you go into a store for a sale, the sale items are in the back and all of the newer items are in the front; this is done on purpose. By the time you get to the back, you aren’t even thinking of the sale items! Your arms are too full of the new items that are FULL PRICE! Believe me don’t fall for it.

Looking at my Walgreens bag…

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