Mum is the Word

imgres1Whenever you are dating someone, the worst thing you can do is tell them the time frame you are going to have them wait until they have sex with you. The issue here is while you put a time limit on your kitten, you still haven’t gotten to know the other person’s intentions. Men like challenges! If you tell him your 90 day rule, if he’s a douche then he may have someone to take care of his needs until those 90 days are over. If he’s a great guy, then you are lucky but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Guess what happens after 90 days? Life!

imgres2You are better of just not saying anything at all. You are strongest when you are mysterious and you welcome him to open up. Men can look at rules as you trying to be controlling or a simple challenge they are taking to later brag. If you do have a 90 day rule, DO NOT TELL HIM. All you have to say is “Not until I’m ready” or “know I want to be with you.” If he keeps asking, then his intentions may be right in your face. After about 30 days, you can start to see someone’s true colors. By the 60th it is hard for them to hide and their flaws begin to show. By the 90th, you should have a good idea of who you are dealing with. Some women go as far as 120 days to marriage, which is very commendable and safe.

Bottom line, keep him wondering and give him a good chase. If it’s easy to get her it’s easy to leave her. Act like a lady and think like a boss.

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