Bruh, Your Number was Never Saved!

khloe-kardashian-im-readyAfter getting out of a long-term relationship, making the decision to date is important but annoying. It’s annoying because you have people in your ear constantly pushing others on you or saying you should “get yourself out there”. Let me tell you, those who are starting over, until you’re ready, tell everyone to PHAWK OFF! Until You’re ready that is. 🙂

Triflin’ Neighbors
If you do decide to get your feet wet, be cautious of the people who live around you. Don’t believe me? Check this out. So here I am, in my apartment complex, with my little pooch having a puppy play date with my neighbor. We’re sitting on the grass and someone catches our eyes, a cutie washing a nice car. So after doing a full visual investigation, we walk over and make conversation with the man. He’s a cool brother who happens to live in the same building as me! I’m like score! When I was walking back home, he’s in front of our joined building and calls me over. After talking for over an hour, discussing relationships and life goals, I find out his older, 38? Looking for a serious relationship, marriage type, wants kids cause he doesn’t have any, I mean the whole package. I’m like yippie! I struck gold! Wrong.

giphyHe asked me out to dinner that evening and I said sure. We made plans from 6-7. It’s like 3 in the afternoon so I head home, clean up and remove hair from my body like a lady. HAHA! Then comes 6PM. Nothing. 630, still nothing. 7:45! I’ve already washed my make-up off and threw on my sweats. To think I almost missed the Walking Dead for this fool?! Hell no! 7:55 I get a text, Sorry I was watching football wanna hang out when I get back in?

In typical Boujie girl fashion, I texted back simply, No. I left it at that and moved on. Show no emotion; relinquish the urge to call this man and scream at him and order Chinese food. Fast forward… oh yeah it gets worse.

I went out to lunch with my co-workers that week, I had a few cups on wine and made it home. Low and behold who do I see with his trunk open to his car, my triflin’ ass neighbor. He’s screaming my name to call me over and tries to pet my little dog. He asks me if I’m mad at him. I told him, in my tipsy manner, that he was a loser and blew it then walked away. He starts following me talking about he didn’t blow it but he had to catch that football game bla bla bla and we need to go out tonight. “Let me make it up to you then. We’ll have a good time.” When he finished his plea, I told him have a nice day but I’m not interested. He gets mad and says, while I’m walking away, “Delete my number then!” I turn around and say, “Bruh, it was never saved.”

Searching For a Place to Move

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