Never Say Never but Hell Nah

giphyI’ve heard the catchy phrase “never say never.” They came up with this phrase to make sure you don’t end up looking like an ass if you go back to something you promised the world you wouldn’t go back to. There comes a time in your life when shit happens and you  say hell nah. We boujie girls get to the point when we make a decision to stop what is hindering us from growing, becoming better and holding us back. So a simple hell nah, is better than a never.

In the last few months I’ve admittedly been very busy with my job, career and life in general. I found some people from my past trying to resurface. When one did, I knew better than to even entertain it and it threw me off my game because I did. It set me back a bit so now when a rerun person resurfaces, I’m like hell nah. I’m not in the business to take romantic or platonic strolls down memory lane with just anyone. It isn’t even a malicious feeling. I just don’t want to be bothered with someone who wants to take and drain me. I’m out that business.

tumblr_nfd3gbmwpT1qfh70bo2_250At first I felt bad for feeling this way about people who were in my life, but I thought, did they feel this way when they selfishly took so much then left me high and dry? I doubt it, so I happily centered myself in the morning and praised God. We don’t have to accept every application or re-applicant trying to enter our life. They also don’t need to accept us.

We do not live in an existence that freezes time over hurt feelings, nor does it give us a break when we want it. Life indeed goes on but sometimes feelings linger. I will never say never to behaviors, feelings or relationships with people but I will say hell nah. By 31, I’ve taken a beating from life and somehow come out strong enough to talk about it with you.  From friends, foes to family members, I’m saying less these days and I’m at peace because I’m not turning back. Maybe I’m tired or really busy but I’m not entertaining bullshit and no one has to entertain me. Except my dog because… well because he’s my dog and wants to.

Keeping it all the way simple,

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