New Year Resolutions… Finish Strong

url-1If anyone ever asks me what’s my favorite holiday, I say New Years. It started when I was a little girl, about 8 or something. My mom and I were going through some hard times and she told me I could stay up with her and watch the ball drop. When it stuck midnight, she turned to kiss me on my forehead and was smiling. It was like she was holding her breath the entire time and when it struck midnight, she exhaled. She told me New Years is like a giant Monday except you have more to look forward to because it is a fresh start. After the ball dropped, she prayed and told me things would get better. Things didn’t get better right away but they did eventually.

What I also remembered about this was my mom, prior to this count down, threw things out. She cleaned out her closet. Threw away pictures. And even threw some of my stuff out! She was preparing for New Years. I tell you this short tail because we all have resolutions or hopes for the coming year. I, personally, hated the fuck out of 2015 but I had a friend of mine say he had a positive one and finally came out of his depression. On both sides of the coin, we’re both looking forward to 2016 and you should to. Not the whole new year new me shit but have faith and hope in the new year approaching. Along with this, it’s important to prepare for the New Year.

urlWhat I mean by this is instead of saying “I’m going to lose 1000 pounds by June,” start cleaning up your eating habits now. Go grocery shopping and clean up that kitchen NOW. Start looking up better recipes now. Go to the gym now. If you wait until January it’s going to be packed, so might as well get to know where you’re going NOW. If it’s money you want to save, come up with a plan today. Don’t wait until January 1st to start everything. End the year right by saying your goodbyes to things and people that hurt and say hello to all the good that going to come. I’m not saying all your troubles will disappear in 2016, they won’t. However, you are giving yourself a shot at being a better you and welcoming better things. What’s better than that?

Be proud of yourself and even the difficult times you faced or are facing. Everything is an experience and you now have a chance to change yourself for the better. Stop accepting shit you don’t deserve and force yourself get better. Job, love, house… go for better. Just remember, when you first decide to change it hurts but the beauty is on the other side. Stay fabulous.

Pulling out the trash bags…

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