No More Facebook Friends

Facebook FriendsEver log on your Facebook page and just log back off cause you’re just so annoyed? That’s me but sadly I go back. It wasn’t the ‘new year new me’ posts that got on my nerves, it was the negative remarks that were everywhere. Facebook has become such a war zone these days it’s not even funny. You can’t make one opinion without someone jumping on their soapbox and going against something that has nothing to do with your post. Everyone hates Christians and every Christian hates everyone else, pagan holiday this, black lives matter that, hating gays everywhere, transgender love, I can’t! I get if you post it then people should be able to comment but I’m getting to the point where I’m just going to post up cute pictures of kittens and hope everyone has a nice day.

For 2016, I’m not adding anyone I work with, related too, wait it’s too late cause they’re all there, ok backtrack, work with, cool with, associate with, never mind I’m not adding anyone else to my Facebook page. Forget it. Not even my man, you know, when I get one. HAHA. (Shoot me) Facebook literally has me ready to grab my fancy coat, get in my cute car and drive to whoever was typing their bull and smacking the shit out of them.

Also, why do people find power in deleting people? It’s like they hit Unfriend then boom, thunder is heard and they have power. Fuck outta here. For my sanity, I cleaned up some people I don’t associate with and to kill the drama from unfriending, I just hid mofos from my timeline and kept it pushing.

5634ca20-dddf-0131-bfcd-0eb233c768fbWhat also cracks me up are people, who I know are as trifling as they come, **cough cough** the formers, they put up inspirational quotes as if they’re decent people! Not the Boujie way! I saw a funny IG video about when you know someone is messed up but they pretend to be God loving saints on Facebook and it drives you crazy cause you know the truth. Yeah… those creeps have a special place in loserville and since I don’t live there, they no longer matter or their lame, fake foolish posts.

I don’t expect everyone to “keep it real” online but I do expect decency amongst people I actually associate with in real life. That’s just it, real life is more than what you post and get likes for. Once we understand this, maybe our society or at least the small groups of people we choose to be around will be happier.

Rolling my eyes at this new Facebook request,


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