No Take Backs!



There is a lot f buzz going on in the reality show world, one being the show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”. One of the story lines includes a woman who recently got engaged to a rapper, with whom she has a child with. In the midst of a heated argument, he demands his ring back. Any woman who watched that episode probably shook her head because clearly that is not the boujie way!

A ring is like collateral before the wedding. It is a promise that you are going to marry. Legally, if the engagement breaks off, you have to give the ring back because the promise to marry is broken. However! The ring is a symbol of what is to come. If at the moment of an argument, the first thing out of any man’s mouth is, “Give me MY ring back!” it is better to hand it over and walk away. How childish is that anyway? SMH!

Kids_FightingMarriage is going to have arguments. Any one who is married or has been married will tell you there are moments where it gets intense. However, if when things get hot and your husband-to-be is having a childish fit and demanding rings back, packing up clothes…baby that is a sign of what is to come! Needless to say, the couple, according or other blogs, has broken up and he’s cheated or messed around again. What a shocker!

Here is what you should have learned from this. When someone gives you a gift, it belongs to you. IF someone really wants to spend their life with you, they will. There are no take backs. Hand a boujie girl a ring and demand it back, you have also demanded your life to be single.

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