Nude Profile Picture? Not the Boujie Way?

Boujie girls are all about being confident. Apart of being confident is being sexy. When you have a Facebook or Twitter, or Instragram, is there such thing as too much sharing???

For the ladies out there baring it all on these social networks think this one through. What is posted in the Internet never leaves. It can come back and haunt you later. Think about the reason why you would have half your ass out on your profiles. If you are claiming to be a model, real models don’t bare it out this early and actually they have a portfolio. Let’s face it, what agency is going to see your picture and think you should be on the cover of Vogue? Just saying!

You can attract negative attention when you bare it all. There is nothing wrong with being confident but women who cover up and still look good, give people a reason to stop and stare. Beautiful sexy women don’t have to try. There is something out them that make them stick out. There is no need to show everything because that is a privilege or part of the job. (actress, singing and modeling gigs – etc)

Put it like this, if the man of your dreams came along, would you want his mother to see your profile picture? Do you want your employer to see your naughty girl picture? How about that pervert who won’t stop harassing you? You know they can easily pull your picture down right off the net or screen shot it. Be careful. Never do something you might regret later…

Picking out my outfit…


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