Monday Morning: Office Romance Brewing?

office_romanceMost people who work over 25 hours a week eventually develop a work relationship with their colleagues. Many times, your work family becomes your second family. There is the brother and sister relationship you have with some people; the mother or father relationship with have with others. Then there is the romantic attraction parts of the relationship that can make one raise an eyebrow in the break room. Save yourself the headache and heartache of embarrassment (because you know it’s going to come out) of dating someone you work with.


1_lead_180esl0-180esl7The problem with dating someone you work with is you have to see them at least 40+ hours a week. The best part of not working with your significant other is if you are pissed off at them, at least you can leave and go somewhere else for a while without being bothered with them. But when you work with someone, I mean WORK with them; it is inevitable you are going to have a rough work day because they are always going to be there. God forbid you break up, the holiday Christmas party at your bosses house is going to be awkward. What if this person brings a date and you’re all single next to the wine bottle, cheese and crackers!? Oh hell no!

Another problem with dating a co-worker is it makes things less fun. The drunken happy hour or for my sake (end of the semester get together) will never be the same once a couple is there. The whole point of having this extra family is you talk trash and complain about everything with the worry of it getting home. When someone’s significant other is there, it just changes the atmosphere. And if you break up, sides have to be chosen when everyone is going out, who to invite to this event and so on. It is a whole mess that can be avoided if you just say no!

imagesStill, there are times when office romances do work. A lot of people meet each other at work or in the work place and it works out just fine. However, these are also rare cases. I always believe there are an exception and the majority. If you do decide to go for it, keep it under wraps and hope for the best.



Realizing there is no one to flirt with at my job…

Boujie MACK

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