Phaedra and Apollo For Better or Nah?

vaginosis3Anyone who follows the Real Housewives of Atlanta is aware of Apollo Nida’s, Phaedra Parks’s husband, recent charges for bank fraud and identity theft, which he pleaded guilty for. Now he is facing 8 years in prison. Apollo, for anyone hasn’t watched the show, has been in prison before and it was rumored that Phaedra was his lawyer at some point before they got married and had children. The recent headline was she didn’t show up to court. People are speculating if she is going to divorce and leave him. Why wasn’t she there? All kinds of crap. I’m stuck in the middle here because I don’t believe that you should kick someone while their down, but is if fair that someone brings you down when that’s where they are headed?

Let’s back this up. When Apollo came on the show, he received instant fame. He had that light skin sexy brother thing going for him. People were saying his wife mainly supported him and no one really knew what he did but none the less, he had a lot of opportunities come his way once he was on the TV, thanks to Phaedra. Why turn back to a life of crime when you have an opportunity to really do what you want? Your marketing is on cable TV, where millions of people zoom in to look at you. You have ample of Twitter followers, fan pages and so on. Why do that to your wife, family and most importantly yourself?

tumblr_md1855Lkgg1qkdh9eo1_500With that being said about him, marriage takes two. As a woman, if you marry a man, you are to stick by him for better or worse. You should not bail once he goes to jail and you think you get your freedom back. However, for Phaedra’s sake, he could have gotten her disbarred, unable to support herself and their family. Not to mention, her reputation is on the line and likely still is when you are associated with someone like that. She was likely also being investigated as well because of the crap her husband did. They could have lost their kids and everything messing around with his bad decision making ass. To put the icing on the cake, there were also rumors of him cheating. Oh, no he didn’t! Who knows what went on behind the cameras but that is a lot for a person to take in. She really didn’t seem very happy with him last season. He acted like a thug fighting people, talking out of his neck and was caught flirting with Kenya Moore. Oh, the scandal! I get why she would throw in the towel.

Phaedra-and-Apollo-Wedding-274x300Still, those marriage vows stick to me. This is for worse right now and leaving him at this point is not something I agree with. She knew he had a criminal past, what did she expect? Some women think they can change a man. You can change their settings, put money in their bank accounts, give them ample amount of opportunities to become better men but it won’t change who they really are. If a man wants to change, he will change on his own. I wished, for her sake and children, that they didn’t have to go through this but I hope she can pray peace over herself, family and marriage. Your thoughts?



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