Pity Proposal

11-things-happily-married-women-know-about-men-7-261x300There comes a time in a relationship when a man and a woman decide it is time to take things a step further and make it not only official but legalize your love. He might get down on one knee and propose. Show up with a ring over dinner. He may even ask you in Times Square to marry him. Usually if this is a case like this, he really wants it. Then there is the pity proposal.

A pity proposal is when a man throws marriage on the table to either shut you up because you have nagged him about it or to get out of a messy situation. The messy situation could be another woman, a bad investment that can cause you to leave him, or you know pregnancy. J Either way, you don’t want this type of proposal. Getting married should be about both of you deciding to spend the rest of your lives, building, loving and sometimes yes, hurting and getting through things. It is not about a wedding and a ring. The wedding is the first day of happiness or the last day of happiness, if you are not aware of the type of proposal you are getting.

1-reason-men-dont-marry_27951199-618x320The last thing you want is for someone to say they married you for the wrong reasons and they are leaving because that reason isn’t enough for them anymore. To avoid this, never nag a man. When he is ready, he’s ready and he will ask for your hand in marriage. If he throws the proposal on the table like a draw four card at the end of an UNO game, you might want to evaluate the possible reasons behind it. If it is pity proposal, step away. You will know when he wants it just as much as you do. The only question left is if you are willing to wait.

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