Well Wishers…Please Shut Up Part I

how-rude-stephanie-full-houseWhat I can’t stand with some people is when something in their life changes, such as getting a nicer car, finally owning a house, making more money or getting in a relationship, they suddenly become an expert. If you want people to wish you well and not your downfall, because words have power, keep unsolicited advice to yourself.

When people decide to give their lives to Christ, I’m all for it; I mean I have. But when they are suddenly damning people for their common everyday lifestyle, it’s disgusting and a turn off for two reasons. One, Jesus didn’t act that way and two you’ve been saved for two seconds and now you know the whole Bible and what people need to do with their lives? Please! You are turning people away from the Kingdom of God and remember you will pay for every soul that you shunned from the Lord on judgment day boo!

Weight Loss Status
People who lose a ton of weight and don’t eat certain foods. It is not up to you to comment on how someone looks in comparison to you and say they need to lose weight because you did. It’s not nice nor is it classy to comment on how someone else is eating. If they didn’t ask for your nutritional advice, keep your snobby veggie comments to yourself. (No shade on the veggies tho).

Babies and Girlfriends
Mommies, I’m shaming you because I’m hearing this complaint from my other Boujie girls about that baby shit. The, “when are you having a baby” from our girlfriends is annoying. Stop it. We get it enough from our lovely mothers and aunts, we don’t need to hear it from you. You gonna pay for this baby you are campaigning for me to have? What the????

A perfect example. I had a distant girlfriend of mine, extra distant now, who recently got married a little while ago. In the mist of me congratulating her, she threw shade on MY relationship by saying, “Oh honey, he should have married you by now.” Out of nowhere! Before I cursed her two-second-wife status out, I remembered, she don’t know shit and I don’t have to explain a damn thing to anyone about my relationship. Thank you very much. A lesser woman would have wished her a divorce and hardships in a year, but I just let it go and let her find out what marriage really is about on her own.

Moral of this story, if no one asks your ass for advice, keep that shit to yourself. Some people are just fine living their lives without your input. If they ask then fine but if not, do us all a favor, shut up.

Giving someone the side eye…

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