Pretty Is As Pretty Does

pll-gifs-pretty-little-liars-tv-show-35207511-500-222There is something about looking nice that can lift your spirits. You get complements, are more productive, your head is held up higher. Everything is all good. Then there are those days when we just don’t care. We don’t wear make-up, throw something on, barely brush our hair then we’re are out the door and our mood sucks. Is it easier to look nicer every single day in order to be more productive and positive or is it inevitable that we just going to have some bad days?

The Glam Squad
Older women will tell you that you should look fabulous every single day because you never know who you’re going to run into. In fact, they will stress the importance of maintenance if you have a man or not. In many ways they are right. Why are you going to walk out the door looking like Shrek anyway??? At the same time, looking pretty doesn’t always have to include a face full of make-up, long flowing dress with stilettos. That blue eye shadow can wait until Saturday night.

kim-kardashian-without-makeup-As long as your eyebrows are done, nails are filed, and your clothes are neat, it is safe to say you are as pretty as they come. Your nails don’t always have to be colored either, clear nail polish is just fine but make sure your nails are clean and your hands moisturized. No one wants to shake the hands of someone with dirty nails or ashy hands. Not the boujie way!!!! For those days when you don’t feel like you want to walk the red carpet to work, naturally beautiful is just fine.

Putting on my lipstick…

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