Proposal With No Ring?

shutterstock_97718204This question came across my desk a few weeks ago and I had to think clearly before I responded. A lot of women would think if a man proposes to them without a ring, he’s not serious. That isn’t always true. Sometimes he might have the ring and the reasoning behind the proposal is wrong. It all boils down to the man. Would you accept a marriage proposal without a ring? Well…

The ring is a symbol of love. It can also mean a symbol of jail for men. I had a friend who proposed to his girlfriend because he was tired of her bugging him about marriage. That isn’t a good reason to propose to someone! My first marriage, I was proposed to with no ring and later got to pick out the one I really wanted. Needless to say, that relationship ended but believe me it had NOTHING to do with the ring. I pawned that shit by the way. J

proposalIt’s not about the ring but the ring does symbolize something. If he took the time to save, purchase and get down on that bad knee, he really loves you. Sometimes, if he wants your hand in marriage and is putting the effort towards getting you what you what you deserve but doesn’t have the ring right away, that’s commendable too. A man’s purpose is to provide. Even if the rock is the size of a planet, if he can’t provide or shows signs that he isn’t ready for marriage, ring or no ring, say no. The reason for the “yes” has to go beyond if he has a ring or not.

Still, I’d want a ring. It doesn’t have to be the most fancy but this Boujie girl is accustomed to rocks. This is a tough one. Before you answer, ask yourself is he willing to provide and what is the motive behind his proposal. If it is to love, cherish and protect you forever, say yes. If not, say no and slap him. Just kidding! I don’t condone all violence.

Looking at stones…

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