Putting it Off… The Dangers

health-graphics-20_1081086aHump Day is usually a day when most people honestly don’t get humped. The phrase used to and still does represent the middle of the work week and people are generally tired. What happened if this exhaustion continues? What if you work to the point that you become so drained and you don’t want to hump during any day of the week? There are dangers in a sexual relationship when a partner doesn’t want to satisfy the other one.

A lot of men have told me the reason why they decided to cheat was because they weren’t “getting any” at home. If you asked any of them why, they would quickly tell you their woman always claimed she was not in the mood. If you are married, I hate to state it to you tired ladies but it is your wifely duty (giggles) to satisfy your man. In any relationship, if you start off one way and you change, your partner is going to change too. You may not like how your partner reacts to this change but remember they probably don’t like how you’ve changed either. Why wouldn’t you want to show the one you love some love?

stock-footage-man-in-depression-after-a-dispute-with-his-wife-on-the-bed-at-homeWhen you start to lock the box up, damage occurs. Your man will feel like you are holding out on him for reasons like control. No man wants to be controlled. Holding out on him to punish him will only punish you at the end. Never being in the mood is not an excuse to ignore your significant other. Men want to feel wanted and respected. After a while, a man is not going to want to chase what he claims as his. He can numb his attraction for you and his eyes will begin to wonder. I’m not saying that means he is definitely going to cheat but you are pushing him in a very dangerous zone by locking up the kitty kat.

For whatever reason you are not having sex with your significant other, you should find out what the problem really is and discuss it with your man. It isn’t fair that you turn off and he wants to turn on. Remember, a relationship is a two way street. It is going to take work in order for the relationship to work and when one person shuts off, you are damaging the entire relationship. If push comes to shove… pull over behind some bank at night and get your freak on! (Safely)

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