Real Housewife an Example of Real Life

tumblr_n4rxh6yaDx1r8s5bto1_500I watched last night’s episode of… sigh yes, the Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s my guilty pleasure and yes, I am ashamed to say I watch that crap. :) But the big thing about last nights episode was one of the Housewives, Phaedra Parks, husband is going to prison. I’ve blogged about this before but I wanted to give a different spin on it because I was able to get a clip of what happened.

First of all, whenever someone threatens you with divorce or a break up to get what they want, tell them to go screw themselves. This is a form of mental abuse and a control method that is not fair. When I watched Apollo mumble and grumble complains about her not being there for him, especially when he was getting sentenced, I honestly was taken off. While I understand why he would be upset, I believe he should have been man enough to take whatever she threw at him because he is in this situation because he was being selfish and foolish. She should have thought of him? Well where were his thoughts when he was out ruining their family? He hasn’t shown responsibility… talking about he wanted to feel up on her. FOH!

We can argue back and forth about what Phaedra should have done and shouldn’t have done all day but this is the perfect example of how one should deal with conflict in a marriage. Not once did you see this woman fly off the handle and scream and cuss, throw stuff and so on. She kept her cool, said what she was going to say and when things weren’t going anywhere, she walked off. Now that is one classy lady!

tumblr_myz260hanL1r8s5bto1_500You don’t have to agree with Phaedra but you certainly can respect her need to protect her children from media and feel negative vibes from their current situation. When you are married, there are times when you spouse is going to do something that hurts you to the core and you have to make the decision and have a cool head when you are thinking about how you are going to move on from where you both are.

I didn’t see much forgiveness from Phaedra, just exhaustion from the situation. Forgiveness is key if you are going to be married and stay married. When it rains it pours, thunders, snows, hurricanes and so on. You are going to need to have a clear head before you make decisions about yourself and family.

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