The Real Olivia Pope

3037_TV616550The popular show on ABC “Scandal” has a lot of women cheering for the mistress character Olivia Pope. Why do we love her? Is it because she has a deep love for a man who loves her back? Is it the passion between the two or the love you see between them on a screen? Perhaps it’s the dialogue that leaves people’s mouths hanging open as they declare this undying love for one another? Either way it has people buzzing every Thursday night at 10pm. There is something you all are forgetting; this is a married man…

We lose sight of the reality of what is happening when we watch the show. If this was real life, this would not be acceptable anywhere else. It wouldn’t matter if it was the White House, church, or the old bum on the corner, a married man messing around with another woman isn’t cool. So who is she in real life?

hands-puzzle-e1328824029289Olivia Pope is the mistress that hangs around forever and never gets married. She is the escape for the married man, who is looking to leave his situation for a moment. But let’s make something a little clearer. When a man gets married he has a completed puzzle, which is his wife. Sometimes in that whole puzzle has a piece goes missing. Instead of finding the missing piece and appreciate the completed puzzle, he spends more time trying to fit another piece in the place of the missing piece. As a mistress, you are a missing piece. Sometimes the piece sorta fits but is a little off, which is Olivia, and it creates an allusion everything is complete. The truth of the matter is that little piece will never fit and when the man gets tired of his puzzle not looking right, he will either get rid of the odd piece and live with the hole or find the missing piece and live with his completed puzzle. The mistress will never be the whole; she’s a piece. Keep in mind, the man may have other extra pieces around. Why be the extra piece when you deserve to be a whole?

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