Relax, Release, Be Boujie

anigif_enhanced-14187-1409927660-2I never realized how much of a busy person I was until I was forced to stand still. Last December, when I had surgery, I woke up from surgery looking for my laptop! I know, insane! So now that everything has resumed, I’m back to being on the go. The other night, I told my sister that I don’t feel normal and I’m tired but can’t sleep. She said I needed to turn my alpha female off because I’m running off adrenaline. I had no idea how to do this but I made it a goal to calm the fawk down!

So I have a diffuser that I don’t always use but I started using it. At night, I put lemon and lavender oil in my diffuser to help me sleep. Before I go to bed, I will drink this organic bedtime tea and light tea lights to relax my bedroom. I then meditate but my mind has so much going on that I can’t concentrate on the breathing. So I put on a gospel song that is more soulful, not one to get you to jump on your feet and praise the Lord! (LOL) I am then immediately relaxed. After about 10 minutes, I’m so sleepy. Within 20 minutes, I’m knocked completely out! YES!!!!

Now, the only issue I have is my TV is on when I sleep. That’s not good because it does mess with sleep but I’m so knocked out that I somehow in the middle of the night, wake up, turn it off and knock back out. How do I know? Because in the morning my TV is off! Unless some angel sneaks into my bedroom at night, I’m sure zombie Boujie Mack turns it off and probably cusses a little before knocking back out. HA!

200_sMy advice to my Boujie ladies, when you’re in alpha mode and on the constant go, shut your day down sooner, if you can, before midnight and get some sleep! My day starts at 6AM almost every day, unless I’m filming then its 5AM. Ekk! Without enough sleep, I can’t function. Also, I drink green tea EVERY morning, no sugar added. I cut out coffee about a year ago so tea it is. I won’t lie, I do dabble in a little coffee every now and then. Mainly so I don’t kill anyone. I’m functioning better now. I’m not 100% but I’m slowly getting there. Don’t forget to treat yourself at least one day a week or a few hours in a day. You deserve it.

Heading out the door…

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