Revenge Phuck Warrants…

anigif_enhanced-buzz-12980-1378327856-50Anyone who has ever been cheated on knows the thoughts that run through a betrayed person’s head. We think about killing the person, killing the other woman (sometimes man!) or even ourselves. These dangerous thoughts manifest until we are ready to process the next step. When we are in our emotions, it is normal to want to the person to feel how you are feeling because you are hurt. Returning the hurtful favor, as angry as you are, should not be an option.


The Constant Cheater
When you are dealing with someone who is constantly cheating on you, ladies that’s your fault. Choosing to deal with a cheater doesn’t mean he is going to change. Thinking later on down the road that he will realize what he has and will stop his cheating ways isn’t realistic. Sorry! He knows what he has… a woman who is going to take him back no matter what he does, so getting revenge on him is stupid. What is it going to accomplish? Cheating on him to show him how bad it feels rarely changes a man. All it will do is further wound the relationship.



The First Timer
Well this one is up to you ladies. If you have been with someone and they cheat on you for the first time, this is when you set up how it will be post cheating and the rest of the relationship. Decide, when you are not emotional, how to deal with this. Messing around on him to prove a point will deteriorate your relationship. You are better off just ending it than having a revenge phuck. If you are angry and want to hurt him, the biggest hurt is leaving. He’ll learn his lesson by losing you, not a revenge rump.

Overall revenge is one of those things you honestly should let the galaxy handle. Even the Bible says, “Revenge in mine…” And that is coming from God Himself! Karma comes back 10x worse than people could ever imagine. The best thing for you to do is move on from the situation. I find that cutting people off and being happy is the best way to heal. Believe me, there are no awards for screwing someone for the sake of being angry. At some point, your emotions will pass and you don’t want to regret anything later.

Sending out good vibes…

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