Riot On Education and Communication

I try to keep the blog focused on the fabulousness of being Boujie but sometimes I can not just sit and ignore everything else happening in the world. Right now, we have cities on fire, people dying, police brutality and unfairness towards police. It’s like we’re living in a war zone… just waiting to see which city is next. It’s important that as men and women, we learn how to conduct ourselves when we are trying to find a solution to these problems.

A lot of people don’t know their rights. They don’t understand how law enforcement works and they also don’t know who law enforcement is. One way to get over the hump of the problems our country is facing is by becoming educated on the law. Get to know who the lawmakers are, vote to make sure the right people are in office, become one of the people in office. There are a lot of people trying to change happen but don’t have the support of the community because the community isn’t aware they exist.

They say education is power, and it is. The more you know the better you can understand how things works and what you can do to make things that don’t work –work for you and the community around you.

A lot of people don’t know how to talk. As an English teacher, let me just say that communication across the board, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and etc. need help. Learning how to properly compose strong letters is needed when there is trouble. Learning how to speak properly, without letting your emotions get in the way resolves a lot of issues.

When I watch certain police brutality videos, sometimes I feel bad for the cops. I feel bad because the civilian is blatantly disrespecting the cop or questioning their authority. Authority is authority whether you like it or not. What’s more important? Risking getting arrested because you don’t agree with a cop or doing whatever they ask, get their badge number and report the cop for violating your rights? How many of you have a lawyer on speed dial? People talking crazy to police blows my mind because when has anything better happened when you cussed out a cop!? Especially Black people.

Resolution? Communication. When you’re dealing even with a difficult person, the less you say the better off you are. You have to control your emotions when dealing with an asshole. It does nothing to feed into their crap. Maintaining your composure and getting out of the situation is most important. Later, when they’re not in your face, you can deal with them appropriately when fewer emotions involved and the right people are called in. The asshole cannot use your calm demeanor against you because you maintained your cool.

0There is a lot more we can do as a whole to deal with this clear divide with law enforcement and people in this country. We can start with educating ourselves and learning how to communicate effectively. Burning down buildings and destroying property is a response to something negative; the outcome are multiple arrest, destroyed buildings and even more problems. Take that rage to the polls, take the rage to school and become educated. Take the rage to pass those tests to become one of the people on the other side to make the change that is needed. Flip the scrip and become powerful. We can’t wait on another civil rights leader to step up, we start right here with ourselves.

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