Say Less Before Yes

girl-make-up-rihanna-shhh-511918When we are watching what we are saying about ourselves and others, there is even less we need to say when we are responding to someone. When you are husband searching, learn to listen to men. When men say something, they tell the truth about what they want. Do not get on the bandwagon of trying to change a grown man who is clear about where he is in his life. Take the time to actually listen to what he is saying about relationships and wants in the near future. If there is no talk about marriage, then there are no thoughts of it for him, at least not right now with you.


Just because he doesn’t discuss marriage, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want it. You never want to come right out and tell a man you are looking for a husband. It will scare him off, so bite your tongue for right now. Instead, feel him out for who is he. You don’t need to tell him everything just yet, give him time to reveal who he really is and then start to talk about what you want. Not every man we meet and date is husband material.

rihanna-shhh-tattoo1If when you are dating and he asks what you’re looking for, simply say, I want to get to know someone who is serious about their future. Leave it at that. If he wants more details then go into what you’re looking for in a husband. For example, you can say someone who is in their career field, who finished their education, someone who is focused on their goals and so on. Do not mention marriage just yet. See if he meets these standards of what you are looking for in a husband; later on you can express your want to settle down with the right person. It’s not like your first conversation will be your only chance to tell him you want to eventually get married, so do not rush it. Have fun and be safe when you’re dating.

Waiting on a phone call…


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