Select Your Proper Shoe Size

shoes-too-smallWhen I was out walking my little dog the other day, I saw this girl step out her apartment tip toeing in high wedges. At first, because it was the evening, I thought she was hurt but then I realized, she either couldn’t walk in the shoes she was wearing or they didn’t fit, so her feet hurt. She looked so silly walking over to a car, with a guy in it of course, bending over to greet him in the driver seat window. There is more I can say that she did that was not the Boujie way but that can wait another day, smh. The girl was tall and looked like she was going to fall over any second. If you’re just going to bend over in a car for a guy who isn’t going to come to your door, girl find some better shoes! He ain’t worried about your shoes!

We’re headed into the fall season and boots and booties are in. Still, even though we get more coverage in the winter, I still find women are struggling to walk in shoes that either don’t fit or they don’t know how to walk in them. We’ve all been guilty of breaking into shoes or shoving our feet into shoes that aren’t exactly our size. I worked at 9 West for years and let me tell you, it’s better to wear your size and find a pair to walk in than the opposite. Women look so much better when they walk in comfort and confidence. Believe it or not, people can see when you’re not comfortable in shoes. You lean more, the walk isn’t straight and for some women there’s panic on their faces.

mommysheelsAlways invest in shoes you plan on wearing all the time because later on they can effect the feet. If your feet are anything like mine, consider purchasing a wide-width. I used to buy a size up but found myself uncomfortable because my feet were too small for the shoe but I needed more room. When I picked up a wide-width, the shoes were a lot more comfortable. My other girlfriend had the same problem, except she had narrow feet. I told her 9 West and other shoe stores carried narrow. If they didn’t carry them in the store, she would likely have to look, try them on, then buy them online.

Many times women feel pressured to wear really tall heels, so they do and are in pain. Here is the deal, not everyone can wear pointy toe stilettos. All of my stilettos, if I’m going to wear them, have to be open toe. I can’t understand why the pointy closed toe shoe makes my feet so uncomfortable. I have another friend that has bad knees, so high pointy toes are out of the question; instead, she wears lower heels so she doesn’t hurt herself or she finds cute flats. Don’t let society decide how you’re going to look. There are some pretty cute flats and they’re in season for the fall. Shoes are to protect your feet while looking cute. Be reasonable with what you’re comfortable in.

1d08b3a4-321b-407b-9be4-cb3e6866d208_560_420Bottom line is this, find your fit. No one cares how big, wide or narrow your feet are. When you’re strutting that’s all their going to see. Strut with confidence and sexiness, not awkwardness and pain. You’re beautiful, let the world see it, fuck the size make your own style.

Slipping on my shoes…

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