Day 10: Fellaz Friday Selfish and Single V.S. A Single Mommy

200_sMost of the time, females my age that are an only child or don’t have children are kinda selfish and their minds don’t comprehend compromise because they are used to getting what they want. Us men will try to have a conversation with them but in the middle of an argument, they swear they right. Because they are so stubborn, it is a major turn off for the single fellez in our 30s. So we opt out from dating them or at least we don’t take them seriously.

To avoid dealing with childish women, I would rather gravitate to women that have kids (That’s crazy for me to say, I know.) or the oldest child. They tend to help more and put others ahead of themselves.  I’m a giver, so I completely understand this type of woman.  They usually can cook (super plus), know what it takes to run a smoother household and just have a better overall outlook on the whole household.  They are compromising and flexible.

kidsI’m dating an oldest daughter out of 3. She gets it. We both are givers. We try to look out each other. I know it can be hard for some women to ask for help but some make it seem like men are obligated to give, give, give. These types of women I will pass on because I’m not anyone support. All I want is peace and balance. Women need to be fair and realistic about what they want in a good man. We are not an ATM. To show you are a good woman and for us to take you seriously, try not to act like a spoiled brat and greedy girl.

J.L. Smith, ATL

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