Hump Day Files: When Should I Give It Up?

no-sex-on-first-dateWhen you are on the prowl to find Mr. Right and had enough of Mr. Wrong, Mr. Lame, Mr. Too Many Kids, Mr. Right Now and worst of all Mr. Ain’t Doing Shit with His Life, you have to set the bar and cut off ties to men you want nothing to do with immediately. In other words, don’t let anyone pet the kitty.

There is no guarantee that if you hold back it guarantees you a husband. If you decided to wait until marriage, date a man who has the same beliefs or you are going to be a challenge for him to conquest. Think about it? Men love a challenge and you holding back until he makes you weak is just what this type of dog looks for. So if you are waiting for marriage, make sure you are dating a guy that looks for the same qualities. If he says, that’s cool and wants to date and mentions NOTHING about his beliefs, what he looks for in a wife, and the power of celibacy, keep it pushing.

At the same time, if you are not waiting until marriage and you want a man to take you seriously, using your box as collateral will not work. The second you put a time period or a timer over your box, you are a challenge he might want to conquest and THEN leave. Don’t be surprised if he tries to talk you out of it by using game. All it takes is a hot moment between you two and all of the rules go out of the window. Have you not seen “Think Like A Man?”

african-american-couple2You will ultimately know when it’s right. If he is treating you right, seems genuine and wants a girlfriend, go with your feelings. I know plenty of women who gave up the cookies on the first night and married the guy. I also know women who gave up the box and never got called back again. It all depends on the guy and chemistry. It’s a toss-up. Think it through and decide on your own accord how you really feel about the person. Do not measure up to time period and tricks, go with your gut not your….

Scheduling a bazillion…


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